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The essentials

The essentials to know for a stay in Morocco

Book a stay in Morocco, it is the insurance to combine exoticism and change of scenery. To organize your trip to Morocco easily, it is wise to know a few things before departure.


Vaccine pass is necessary to come to Morocco. It is recommended to be up to date with tetanus vaccination. In Morocco, the water is drinkable but we recommend that you drink only mineral water. Doctors and pharmacists speak French. However, if you are undergoing treatment, we recommend that you take sufficient medication with you. Beware of the sun and protect yourself (sun cream, hat, glasses sun cream, hat, glasses…).


Essaouira is a temperate city all year round. Even during the hottest days of the summer the maximum temperature rarely exceeds 34° during the day, 19° at night and during the winter we rarely go below 19° during the day, and 12° at night.

It rarely rains in Essaouira but when it does (usually between December and the end of February) it is always quite heavy but it never last more than a day or two.


The currency is the DIRHAM (DH). Conversion : 1 euro = 10.80dhs. You can pay for your purchases in Euros, in Dirhams or with your credit card in stores equipped with a CreditCard
machine. You can also withdraw money from bank machines (ask your advisor before your departure about the credit you are allowed).


A valid passport is required (more than 6 months of validity upon entry into the territory Moroccan territory). For your information, flights from Lyon have just been set up at very advantageous prices, ask about it! A photocopy of each passport will be made upon arrival. Any person who is not a member of the clientele will be refused access to them without prior authorization from the owners or the manager.